Membery runs on 'cloud' meaning you don't need to istall anything on your computer. Build engagement with your members effectively with our fully customizable software and features, such as:

1. Membership Management

Add, manage and communicate with your members in a nice and intuitive way. Membery simplifies the way you work with your members. Our unique Membership Management feature is fully customized and adjusted according to your organization structure and special requirements.

Member registration

We will import your current databases into new infrastracture and will help you determine the key aspects on what's needed when working with members.

Member profiles

Each member/user has its own profile with particular data items based upon your preferences. Admin has a perfect overview of all the members and can filter and approach members easily

Member Activites

We understand that each organisation needs special features for activities that members conduct. Therefore, we put an immense effort to custom Membery according to your specific needs.

Custom Admin rights

Admin has a perfect overview of all the members and can filter members easily. We can adjust and give special administration rights to admin based upon your internal working processes.

Sport extension:

Member Transfers

2. Custom Processes & Workflow

Membery helps you to work efficiently and saves your time. Each club, organisation, association or other member based institution has its own unique working processes that are important to follow. With our solution, you can set up processes upon your preferences, automatize-standardize them which results in a nice and smooth overall workflow.

3. Evidence

Membery provides a comprehensive overview of various types of evidence. Whether you need to take care of buildings, sport playgrounds, cars or whatever else, we have a perfect solution for you. Our Evidence feature will let you work with databases of important objects.

4. Payments, fees & finance

With our advanced payment module, you can easily track online & offline payments, set up reminders and overlook forgotten member renewals. You can even set up a donation campaign. Membery makes it way easier for managing your membership fees and your accountant will love it, too.

  1. Payments
  2. Supported payment platforms
  3. History of payments (User vs. General)
  4. Financial Reports
  5. Payment Tracking

5. Events & Calendar

Ever wanted to set up a meeting, a tournament, a small meet-up or a big league championship? We understand how crucial event management is when organizing an event for your members. Therefore, we developed unique Event management tool that helps you to easily create event, invite people, send reminders, notifications and even track payments for the event.

  1. Create Events
  2. Event registration
  3. Reminders & Notifications
  4. Online Payments
  5. Event Calendar

6. Mass & Target Messaging

We truly understand how much pain it is to manage great amount of people. With our transparent and easy communication tools you will never get lost again. Our communication modules provide you with:

  1. Personalized emails
  2. Group emails
  3. Custom distribution lists based on your databases
  4. Tailored Email templates
  5. Automated emails/messages for events, renewals or more

7. Website with custom Design

Need a new website that would be integrated to your membership software? Build your own website with our fully customized Drag & Drop Website builder. Our team will hear your wishes and build the website according to your needs and industry.

E-shop &
Commercial extension

Live Streaming

security model


Running an e-shop and want to integrate it into your organisation? No problem. We can customize the platform and import your e-shop solution into Membery so you can reach out to a wide range of members of your organization effectively.

8. Data Storage

We understand how difficult it is to store various documents in a structured and transparent way. Membery provides you with the opportunity to use Data Storage Feature so there will be no more mess with searching, archiving and working with your documents. Upload videos, photos, docs and whatever else you wish to share with your fellow in organisation.

9. Robust Security & Permissions

We do care care about privacy and security. Therefore, we put an intense effort on building Membery software with a strict focus on security and protection of data against fraud and attacks. Your valuable data are in good hands with Membery.

10. Mobile App

We understand how difficult it is to stay engaged with your members these days. The entire Internet is moving on Mobile. Therefore, Membery comes with mobile app that enables your members to use Membery platform anywhere & anytime meaning higher response rate for you.

  1. Mobile app for Members (back-end focus)
  2. Mobile app for Fans (front-end, in-app purchases..)
  3. Mix Mobile App.

11. Advanced reports & Statistics

Custom reports that help you to get a perfect overview of various activities based on your preferences. We can set up data extraction, as well as the form of view according to your needs. You will no longer have to work manually with databases, various lists or event attendance. You will have everything in order and at one place. Edit and add new criterias as you want.

  1. Finance
  2. Events
  3. Email