Case Study:
Membery in collaboration with IHF Women’s Youth World Championship

„Membery software solution has significantly contributed in good presentation and overall communication for IHF Women’s Youth World Championship of 2016. The most important feature of this project was data processing, that was done in an effective way and enabled the teams to process their data efficaciously and publish match results immediately“

Challenge & Execution

Quantity of data that needs to be handled always poses a certain problem. Membery enabled to publish the data right away so the public could see it immediately, which made smoother the overall flow of data.

Key Results

  • Effective data management right on the webpage
  • Innovative data processing
  • Customized webpage features that made easier the communication with teams
  • Ability to see results on the webpage during the game, thanks to integration with Membery platform

Case Study:
Slovak Handball Federation

„Membery has shifted our daily agenda and public presentation into modern digital age. Membery sorted out the problematic areas and brought us new opportunities in communication, marketing and business. Implementation of Membery simplified the way we manage organisation, as well as communication towards our members and public."

Jaroslav Holesa, SHF President

Challenge & Execution

SHZ detected the problem with efficiency in communication with its members and managing various documents within its structure. The answer was to implement software solution that would be affordable, central based and available 24/7 and that's when Membery comes in.


  • Central registers in Membery
  • Electronic applications
  • Electronic match record with auto generated sheets & stats
  • Digitalized competition, all info is immediately available online
  • Unified central web portal for members and public
  • One central system for unions and clubs

Case Study:
Slovak Volleyball Association

„Implementation of Membery has increased the communication efficiency and helps us to deliver higher brand awareness to public about SVF. Membery solution has eased the way we communicate within our structure and brought us new opportunities in marketing and business. What we like about Membery is also the website that provides higher value to both our members and public as well."

Lubor Halanda, SVF President

Challenge & Execution

SVF was facing intense difficulties when managing various levels of their members. The managemenet identified a need to provide online results and match calendar to its members as well as to perform more effective communication within the structure.
Our team conducted several brainstorming sessions with the SVF management to bring the perfect set-up of the Membery application.


  • Central registers and evidence of players in Membery
  • Electronic applications brought higher efficiency
  • Online web portal with public & members zone
  • Digitalized competition & effective online match records.
  • Integrated system with member plastic cards distributed between the structure of SVF.
  • One central system for unions and clubs